Bonjour Holdings Limited

Bonjour Holdings Limited (“Bonjour” or the “Group”) is one of the most leading retail stores selling beauty and lifestyle products in Hong Kong. It was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2003 (Stock Code: 653).

Bonjour is currently operating 20 retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau, with 44 mainland China and overseas online shopping platforms, including Tmall, Kaola,, selling to 34 countries including England, USA, Canada, Australia, France and Singapore etc. The Group also establishes KOL live streaming studio and nurtures 200 frontline staff to have live streaming sales at different 9 platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, BONJOUR Global, Bonjour Quan Qiu Gou, Bonjour Haitao, Tmall, Kaola and

The Group is dedicated to selling international brands and private labels products. Currently, the Group offers over 40,000 products, including skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, health food, hair and body care, as well as lifestyle products and snacks from Japan, Korea and Taiwan to cater to customers’ various needs.

We strive for the best and keep a keen eye on the rapid market changes to continue providing more diversified products and services to customers. We also modify our business models constantly to achieve our goal as the worldwide consumer goods multi-channel service platform.


Retail over 40,0000 products to fufill customer need

Retails Stores

Bonjour is currently operating 11 retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau

Stock Code

Listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2003